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Focus Media and Argent Trading join forces in China

December 07, 2007 by Argent Trading

China’s largest out-of-home life-style media company.

Focus Media is CHINA’s largest out-of-home life-style media company. It provides a broad portfolio of media advertising platforms, including Commercial Location Network, In-store Network, Poster Frame Network, mobile handset advertising network (through Focus Media Wireless) and Outdoor LED Network.

Each platform covers a specific demographic of higher-than-average-income urban consumers at various out-of-home media interaction points, from office lift lobbies to entertainment and social venues, shopping districts, mobile phones and residential complexes. Focus Media’s commercial location network has grown to six unique advertising channels with a total installed base of over 85,300 flat-panel displays reaching individuals in over 90 cities in China.

As the numbers of Chinese traveling abroad increase, Focus Media holds potential to be a great outlet for promoting international tourism, either in hospitality or in travel. We are extremely excited to begin developing this relationship and especially with the upcoming 2008 Olympics.

Please contact ARGENT CHINA with any questions or concerns at:
1500 Century Boulevard, 4th FL
Pudong, Shanghai 200122
PH: 86-21-6841-7672
Contact: Charlene Ruan
Email: cruan@argenttrading.com

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